Let the show begin…

Little Town is a world like no other. Seamlessly fusing the worlds of children’s play and theatre, the mini village is a stage where every child can create their own storyline. With stage lighting, special effects and scripts, your child’s imagination will be ignited as they take centre-stage in a pretend mini village alongside the deputy mayor to help save the day in Weston-super-Mare.

A world-first concept, Little Town has been created to invite children into a world of play and imagination, where every day is different. Keep an eye out for the shows that are running each day, as the storylines change depending on what the deputy mayor needs help with.

The running order…

Take your seats as the show begins. Lights, camera, acti-. No, wait! The phone is ringing. It’s the mayor himself on video call! He’s ringing to let us know that he’s been called away on urgent business and needs the children’s help to keep Little Town running. Will the children help? Of course they will.

The deputy mayor is in town running the show but can’t do everything on their own. With the children’s help they can make sure everything goes just fine. The deputy mayor explains what they need help with today and invites the children into Little Town. Throughout the day there may be other things the mayor needs help with too.

So much to do, so many people to see..

Each show lasts 90 minutes as your child gets lost in the miniature village. Rescue the injured animals in the vets and give them a wash before taking them for a walk on the beach or on the village green.

Crack the code on the safe in the police station to reveal the SWAG inside. Avoid the police cars and getting caught, or you might end up in the village jail. Don’t worry though – you may be able to find the secret exit and escape.

Take a trip to the village supermarket before heading upstairs to the mayor’s residence, where you cook up a storm. Retire back to the sitting room, but not for long, as you have babies that need caring for in the nursery.

Oh no, the alarm is sounding – there’s a fire. Slide down the fireman’s pole and don your uniform. Answer the phone to find out where the fire is. Grab the fire hose or extinguishers and help to save the day in Little Town.

Once you’ve clocked off for the day, treat yourself to a hair appointment in the salon or practice your training on one of the training heads. Head on up to the beach to have a BBQ and an ice-cream. You’ve earnt it!

It’s a wrap…

The day is coming to an end and the mayor is about to check back in to see how everything has gone. Take your seats again as the phone rings. The mayor is so pleased and grateful for all the help you have given.

Well done, you have kept the town running successfully!

Will you come back again if the mayor needs help? Who knows what you may be needed to help with next time at Little Town Adventures.

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